You work Hard for your Money and so do We

Collection Professionals, Inc is owned by Scott Edwards and Greg Himelick

Our second generation owners are actively engaged in, and a vital part of, the daily operation of our company.

Their interests are in serving all credit grantors, large or small, in a manner that will return the maximum amount possible on their bad debt dollar. They serve the needs of all creditors who refuse to accept less than the best when it comes to collection results.

Our owners will take the time necessary to fully understand your needs and office procedures. With their experience in collection management they can help to better manage your receivables. There is always a high priority on professionalism with Scott and Greg.


SCOTT EDWARDS, OWNER joined the company on October 1, 1984. He was promoted to Macomb Branch Manager, September 1, 1985, and appointed to the position of Vice President June 1, 1991. On August 1, 1995 he became an owning partner of the company.


GREG HIMELICK, OWNER joined our company, in early 1986, as Manager Trainee. He was promoted to LaSalle Branch Manager September 1, 1986 and appointed Vice President June 1, 1991. He became an owning partner on August 1, 1995.

Scott attended the University of Illinois, and holds a Scholar Degree in Collection Agency Management from the American Collectors Association. He is active in our trade associations as 2007 president of the the Illinois Collectors Association and active in the American Collectors Association, as well as, the affairs of the Macomb community.

Greg attended Western Illinois University and holds a Scholar Degree in Collection Agency management from the American Collectors Association. He is active in community affairs and directly involved in matters relating to our industry as president of the Illinois Collectors Association for 2002.